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Fleet Rental

Leasing is the system of renting operational vehicles required to fulfill their duties such as operational vehicle leasing, corporate companies sales and distribution, in a collective manner, to operate within a predetermined time period.

In the fleet lease (operational vehicle leasing) model, costs are kept constant and the expense budget becomes equal as a result of monthly payments. Since the leasing institution does not use its share from the company's own assets, it does not have any cash problems and it is written as a billed expense paid for vehicle rentals. In this case, the tax advantage is provided.

The fleet leasing system is especially beneficial to corporate companies. In today's economic environment, business owners lose their idea of buying automobiles they need because of the advantages of renting a fleet, and they go to car hire.

Euronetcar pays for periodical maintenance costs of vehicles, bandollar, spare vehicle insurance, accident and theft insurance and road assistance services.

Euronetcar Operational Fleet Rental Advantages

- You will not deal with periodic maintenance costs.

- If you take advantage of the Euronetcar Fleet Rental service instead of buying your own fleet, you do not have to worry about the overhead costs of the vehicles.

- In case of accident or theft, everything is covered by insurance.

- At the end of the month, the rented car prices will give you a tax advantage to your bureau. Under normal conditions, the MTV tax can be shown as an expense in the fleet rental model.

- You do not need to have personnel to deal with situations such as periodic maintenance, possible theft and accidents.

- In Euronetcar Fleet Rental model, you do not need to allocate time and resources for all the vehicles you rent for your company, such as traffic insurance, bandrol, insurance, inspection, in which case your company will save a considerable amount.

- There is no km limit in the monthly car rental system.

- You will not be charged or pledged for any vehicle you lease from EuroNet Car Fleet Rental.

With the fleet leasing service, you can save the most of your business. Most importantly, you will save time. In the car hire service, you can rent all the vehicles in our fleet.

Euronetcar Fleet Rental Service is at your service.

You can call 444 22 07 or call info@euronetcar.com for more information on monthly car rental and fleet rentals.